• Contribution Program (VCP)
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Government Licensing Project
  • Business Migration
Required Documents --Contribution Program (VCP)
  • Application forms
  • Certified true copy of existing passport (cover with first and last 3 pages)
  • Certified true copy of existing identity card (both sides)
  • Notarization of marriage certificate (full)
  • Notarization of documentary proof showing the relation with parents
  • Notarization of birth certificate
  • Notarization of no criminal records or police clearance certificate
  • Health declaration
  • School transcript or other certification from school (original in English or with certified translation)
  • Notarization of certificate of not married issued by government authority
  • Asset proof (not less than USD250, 000)
  • Personal profile, Employment certification (original), and Academic certification(copy)
  • Bank reference by professional (original)
  • 6 Passport photo of white background (40mm x 50mm)


Advantages of VCP
  • Mature legal system
  • Fully supported by the Vanuatu Government
  • No landing and residing requirement
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • Three generations can apply
  • Short approval time, about 6 weeks
Application Procedure
  • Preliminary Background Check
  • Contribution to the Development Support Account and Due Diligence Fee (1st Payment)
  • Application Package Submission
  • Reviewed by Citizenship Commission
  • Reviewed by Screening Committee
  • Formally Approved in Citizenship Commission Meeting
  • Approval in Principle Notice issued by Secretary General of Citizenship Commission
  • Approval in Principle Notice issued by Secretary General of Citizenship Commission
  • Taking Oath of Allegiance
  • Become Vanuatu Citizen
Legal Base

Pursuant to Section 13D of the Vanuatu Citizenship Act [CAP 112], the Minister is to prescribe by Regulation the requirements for an application for citizenship under the Contribution Program, the prescribed fees payable by an applicant under the Contribution Program covers the applicant, his or her spouse and 2 children. Also the Minister may prescribe additional fees applicable for any other child (including those aged between 18 and 25 who are receiving full-time education) and parents aged above 50 applying along with the applicant.

The Commission must within 3 months of receiving and application under this section, make a decision on whether or not to approve and grant a citizenship and it takes 30 working days to complete under normal circumstances.


Pursuant to Citizenship (Contribution Program) Regulation Order No.220 of 2016:

-Procedures for applications for citizenship under the Contribution Program

-Prescribed fees

-Additional fees applicable for other items